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About Us

In2Tyres is the exciting new way to buy truck tyres...on-line.

In2Tyres offers a comprehensive range of high quality, high performance truck tyres at a fraction of the price you would normally expect to pay for an equivalent tyre.

You have the ability to simply select and purchase the tread type for your application and the size of truck tyre you need all on-line, and we do the rest. We process the order, arrange the despatch direct to your nominated address*, or you can arrange to pick them up from your local MaxiPARTS retail parts outlet.

To find the most convenient MaxiPARTS outlet close to you, check-out the list of their locations here.

Buying truck tyres's the new way to save!

For the smart buyer the opportunity to purchase truck tyres at a fraction of traditional price is enticing, but it must have its problems we hear you say, let us explain how we operate and how this will benefit you.

The step by step In2Tyres ordering process is simple and easy to follow, and if you need to speak to someone we are just a local phone call away (1300 265 724) because we are an Australian based and operated company.

We offer purchasing through all the major credit cards and your order is confirmed via email on submission. Your order details are safe and secured by one of the best on-line security systems available.

You can purchase in confidence, in knowing In2Tyres is owned and operated by MaxiTRANS, Australia's largest manufacturer and supplier of trailing transport equipment and solutions and an ASX listed company. Synonymous with road transport in Australia through the two market leading brands Freighter and Maxi-CUBE, MaxiTRANS has expanded through the acquisition of several other leading trailer brands, and the development of a national retail parts division MaxiPARTS to become the leading supplier of road transport equipment in the country. This is just another way we can service our customers better and offer them the convenience and savings of purchasing on-line.

We understand tyres, and understand how important they are out on the road, be assured we have your best interest at heart, because we want you to be an ongoing customer of ours for many years to come.

Also, we intend to continually broaden and strengthen our tyre range so keep checking back to the In2Tyres web site for the latest news and updates.

All our tyres are covered by comprehensive manufacturer warranties.

For your further piece of mind, our local knowledge and experience is only a phone call away, if you have any questions or need advice our experience staff are there to assist you during normal business hours, so give them a call if you need to 1300 265 724.

Our brands of tyres represents exceptional value for money, you will not find cheaper local supplied truck tyres anywhere, so if you need new truck tyres then you need -

In2Tyres and start getting In-2-the-savings!

* Please note: Not all areas of Australia are covered in our direct dispatch delivery. Check the delivery distribution areas by clicking here.